About us

Who we are

MST Engineering Services LLC (MST ES) was founded in 2006 supplying equipment and materials to the construction industry.

Since inception the range of services has grown and includes calibration and maintenance services for the Oil and Gas industry. Today from our base in Baku Azerbaijan, MST ES services the entire Caspian region. This includes Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and Kazakhstan.

What we do?

With nearly a decade of experience in the Caspian region, MST ES is the regional leader for calibration and maintenance services of Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) equipment and valves.
MST ES are able to offer bespoke solutions incorporating the latest industry standards in accordance to the relevant safety legislation of the country. We offer the Oil & Gas and Construction industries:

  • 1. Calibration services
  • 2. Provision of technical staff
  • 3. Engineering and construction services

MST ES has a proved record of providing an integrated service across various aspects of our offerings. This approach allows us to save cost, time and resources for our customers.

Our Team

The MST ES team comprises more than 40 permanent, qualified and experienced professionals. Our team is fully equipped to carry the work efficiently to the quality standards expected in the industry.
We recognise advancements in technology and work practices. For this reason we invest constantly in training and technology.
No matter what your needs are; small scale, ad-hoc or multi-disciplined projects, MST ES are able to provide personnel qualified to international standards, including CompEx trained engineers, technicians, and inspectors. Our personnel are ready to provide services and solutions ranging from local facilities to supporting offshore and onshore assets.
MST’s technical team are supported by management that have over hundred projects in some of the most technical and demanding environments.

Quality and HSE

Quality for MST means going beyond what our customer’s require. We recognise the contribution we can deliver to our customer’s projects and the legacy that is left behind. For this reason we are committed to continuously improving our services, achieving excellence and removing risk from our supply chain. This philosophy is supported in ISO 9001 quality management system that was recently re-certified to the latest 2015 standard.
Our personnel are key to delivering our services and we place great efforts in ensuring the health and safe being of our personnel and others we interact with. To realise our goal of a zero injury workplace, we invest in new methods, systems, technology and training. To help achieve this, MST ES have implemented an occupational health and safety management system in accordance to BS OHSAS 18001:2007 standard.

Our Quality Policy

The fundamental policy of “MST Engineering” is to provide products and services that are safe, reliable and environmentally responsible. This ensures all of our products and services meet or exceed the standards expected by our customers as well as national and international regulations including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17025:2005 and ATEX/iECEX standards.
We strive for excellence and we are committed to deliver enhanced value to our customers with commitment and credibility with commitment to satisfy applicable requirements.
MST Engineering is committed to never-ending improvement of the effectiveness of quality of everything we do through team work, better tools and better technology in order to satisfy our customers and the concerned consistently and to fulfill our regulatory responsibilities.
Therefore, all activities will be planned, monitored, evaluated and corrected as required, with the objective of continuous quality improvement, because quality is the system input and safety is the system output.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

“MST Engineering” is committed to ensuring the safety, health and welfare of its employees. We will work safely in an environment that promotes the health and well-being of the individual.
In support of this policy, Management accepts the responsibility for the prevention of accidents through the identification and elimination of workplace hazards and promotion of safety awareness among its employees and contractors.
“MST Engineering” will abide by all statutory acts and regulations as a minimum standard and strive to maintain a level of safety, which extends beyond the legal limits.
To consistently achieve this aim it is required that:

  • Supervisory personnel understand and accept responsibility for preventing injuries to people they supervise.
  • All employees accept their responsibility to work safely and to extend this concern to other employees.
  • Equipment and processes in new and existing operations be property operated, designed and maintained, to ensure compliance with health and safety requirements.
  • Accidents and incidents will be thoroughly investigated to prevent their re-occurrence.
  • Employees attend “MST Engineering” sponsored training programs and inductions, as an integral part of their employment conditions, and
  • Whenever illness or injury results in disability to an employee, the company will make all reasonable efforts to provide an appropriate rehabilitation program to assist the employees to return to gainful and meaningful employment.
  • “MST Engineering” encourage employee participation in matters affecting the safety and health of our people, and seek suggestions from workforce of ways in which safety can be furthered.

Calibration Laboratory

Our calibration laboratory was incepted in 2014. The facility has over 3,200 square metres ensuring an adequate environment for calibration and laboratory services.
The calibration laboratory meets ISO 17025 requirements thereby giving our customer’s assurance on our calibration procedures as well as the equipment, tools, and accessories we use. The facility was accredited in 2014 to the requirements of ISO 17025 for mechanical and linear dimensional measurement parameters.
Today it is accredited for mechanical, dimensional, electrical, electro technical, thermal and pressure parameters. Having a vast array of calibration equipment, we can address all the calibration needs of any business. We serve a wide range of industries can calibrate or repair instruments across all major disciplines. Furthermore, we offer a fast turnaround on most calibration services (including overnight service) and can schedule annual onsite service.
Between our full-service calibration laboratories and onsite work at client facilities, MST ES complete over 16,000 electronic, mechanical and dimensional calibrations a year. With this volume MST
ES has become Azerbaijan’s largest and most diverse calibration and repair laboratory allowing us to service more than 150 businesses throughout Azerbaijan, Georgia and Kazakhstan.

MST ES’s highly experienced technicians calibrate masters and all types of measuring instruments including:

  • 1. Electronic & Electrical
  • 2. Mechanical & Dimensional
  • 3. Pressure Instruments
  • 4. Temperature
  • 5. Tool
  • 6. Gauge
  • 7. Torque
  • 8. Humidity

Valve Maintenance Workshop

As one of the largest valve repair organization in Caspian, MST ES has the experience in managing
Oil and Gas industry valve assets.
For the larger maintenance contracts shutdown and turnaround requirements, MST ES can deploy mobile workshops to perform all type of valve repair, recertification and commissioning.

Below listed are valve maintenance services MST ES provide:

  • • Overhaul for all types of Pressure Relief Valves
  • • Services of gate, globe, check, plug, ball & butterfly valves
  • • Refurbishment and Inspection of pneumatic, hydraulic and electric actuators
  • • Troubleshooting of Hydraulic and pneumatic operated valves
  • • A full service capability of testing and repair of valves and actuators of all types from all sources and manufacturers.
  • • Services of Control Valves
  • • Services of Vacuum breakers
  • • Services of Actuators (pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical)

MST ES go beyond the scope of the repair and asses the process in which the failure occurred.
Through our evaluation process we look at the big picture and provide our customers options to avoid further repairs and downtime in the future.
Our engineers use the best materials and repair techniques available to meet our customer unique applications needs. We bring our experience and expertise to our customers and work with their staff to provide the most efficient repairs in our industry
We are committed to providing a complete set of precision valve services, including our unique role in facilitating communications between valve OEMs and end users.

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